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Natural Paving is a plastic honeycomb mat of 40mm cells with a permeable, weed resistant geotextile welded to its base. This keeps the mat buried and it invisibly locks pebbles in place so you can capture the essence of New Zealand’s natural pathways at your place, and still enjoy all the benefits of a hard pavement. Natural Paving is new, innovative and unique landscaping product. For the very first time in New Zealand your home can have the inspiration and ambiance of a beautiful pebble riverbed and be as practical as a hard pavement.

Benefits of Natural Paving

  1. Natural Paving pavement are FLAT, FIRM and SAFE like a hard paved surface.
  2. Stiletto heels, bikes, walking sticks etc. DO NOT SINK in the pebbles.
  3. All mats have a tough, weed stopping GEOTEXTILE WELDED to the base. It is this essential element that makes Natural Paving a UNIQUE pebble stabilising product.
  4. The pavement LOOKS NATURAL, and the job has a professional polish to it.
  5. The Paving is PERMEABLE, ensuring puddles don’t form.
  6. The Pavement surface remains STABLE, even on relatively steep slopes.
  7. Pebbles DO NOT SHIFT or RUT, even in turning areas.

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5 P’s of Natural Paving

Natural Paving is newly introduced to New Zealand, but it incorporates the refinement of 20 years experience in Europe, with UV resistance for New Zealand conditions.
Natural Paving mats hold beautiful, natural pebbles to form stable, flat areas that perform like hard paving. It carries a bicycle or stiletto heel safely!
Natural Paving mats are large, and very simple and fast to lay. The mats sit side by side, so no fiddly connections are required.
The strong geotextile fabric welded to the underside of Natural Paving locks the mats permanently in place, hidden under the pebbles. This geotextile is very permeable, and prevents weeds growing through.
The mats are laid on a contoured Base Course. The pebbles or gravel is simply spread to a thickness so you can’t see the honeycomb mat. The natural beauty of stone paving stays looking fantastic indefinitely.
When installed with a specified sub base design it may be approved by city authorities as a permeable surface if the sub-grade and base course will remain permeable.
In cities we live in a world of tar and cement. Natural Paving brings the ambiance of the natural environment into your home In lifestyle blocks and rural areas, Natural Paving can help maintain the natural environment that attracted you to your property, while delivering great low maintenance driveways, paths and parking areas.
Natural Paving is made from a mixture of virgin plastic materials to give it optimum toughness and resilience. The plastic is highly pigmented and UV stabilised, and bonded to a permeable, heavy duty geotextile. This combination gives it benefits that make it unique. There is no other product commercially available in NZ that can stabilise gravels as successfully and reliably as Natural Paving.

There is a wide range of innovative uses for Natural Paving, as diverse as floors for glasshouses, pedestrian surfaces under trees that allow aeration and infiltration… there are so many clever uses. Economy and simplicity is a common theme in the applications of Natural Paving. Landscapers love it, and with a little toil, DIY’ers can create first class paving too.