What is Natural Paving?

newimageforwebsite (1) (1)Natural Paving is a plastic honeycomb mat of 40 mm cells with a permeable, weed resistant geotextile welded to its base. This keeps the mat buried and it invisibly locks pebbles in place so you can capture the essence of New Zealand’s natural pathways at your place, and still enjoy all the benefits of a hard pavement.
Natural Beauty
Enhance the ambiance of home and beautiful natural paths and driveways while keeping the advantages of hard paving.
Cost Effective
An economical alternative to concrete and asphalt.
Free Draining
Natural Paving is permeable – Water will not pond.
Low Maintenance
The geotextile welded to the base of the sheet stops weed growing and locks the sheet to the base course so you never see it.
A stable and safe surface that performs like hard paving. Even for bicycles or stilettos.


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