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Natural Paving is a landscaping product with a European heritage. Its name is derived from its characteristic to re-create a beautiful natural environment around your home and still be practical and durable enough for your business.

It has all the advantages of looking natural, without the disadvantages of loose stones. Imagine a beautiful South Island braided river sculpting its way out of the Southern Alps on a stunning day with a blue sky backdrop. Imagine you were right there, relaxed, with no deadlines, soaking up that scene and letting the peacefulness and beauty purge you of the pressures of life. Imagine feeling like this every time you pull into your driveway, or walking along your path to enjoy the company of friends and family on your stunning patio. Now you are on the way to understanding why Natural Paving is much more important than just another paving option.

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Why choose Natural Paving?

Natural Beauty
Bring the ambiance of the natural environment to your home
Cost Effective
Often less expensive than other paving and hard surface options
Water passes through the pebbles and mat naturally, so puddles don’t form
Do It Yourself
The honeycomb mats are very simple and fast to lay, with no fiddly connections
Low Maintenance
All paving mats have tough, weed-stopping Geotextile welded to the base
The pebble or grass surface remains stable, even on relatively steep slopes
Learn more about the benefits of Natural Paving and if it's the right choice for your project

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