Need to retain and edge your paving, lawn or garden?

Our two new and exciting edging options offer quick and easy install, great flexibility so you can let your design flow and strength to support and control your garden, path and driveway edges.


Both of our options are ideal for use with;

  • Stone patios, pathways and driveways.
  • Stone stabilising mats like Natural Paving
  • Paving blocks
  • Tree surrounds Garden boarders
  • Artificial turf
  • Tree surounds


Natural Paving, yardbird Plastic Edging

Light, strong and ideal for DIY.

Natural Paving Plastic Edging is made from high density PE recycled materials with added UV protection to give you strong, flexible, reliable edging that is quick and easy to install and resistant to rotting, splitting and warping.

Each kit comes with two, one-metre edging lengths for ease of handling. The lengths clip together and are pegged down by six metal garden pegs (included).



Create curves and bends up to 90 degrees or have firm, solid straight lines with our cost effective plastic edging, ideal for DIY.



Border Control Aluminium Edging

The ultimate edging for a smart, sophisticated look as well as function. Ideal for use with;

  • Lawn and artificial turf
    Raised garden beds
    Paths, patios and driveways
    Paving restraint
    Concrete and asphalt
    Expansion joints
    Straight and curved designs

Our anodised aluminium finish doesn’t just look incredible, it offers a durable, protective surface that prevents rust and oxidising, gives protection from mowing and weed-eater damage, resists scratches from pebbles and everyday wear and will keep its shine. It is even suitable for coastal areas.

The 2.9 metre lengths give you the ability to follow curves allowing you to be creative and imaginative with your landscaping design.