For those of you we didn’t see at the Home Show in Auckland it was a roaring success. We set up covering the full width of the street of houses and had in excess of 30000 people walking, strolling and rolling over it. The feedback we received was unanimously one of bewildered disbelief. What is usually a medium difficult to navigate at the best of times was supporting wheelchairs, High heels (and some of them were pretty high)! Baby buggies, even pull behind suitcases with no problem at all. Even in what was at times pretty trying weather people were stopping for a chat about where they could use Natural Paving around their home or for their new build. A big thanks to Auckland landscaping and The Ministry of Ground for their efforts with the stand, and everyone who visited the stand for making what could have been very long days enjoyable and entertaining.

Please feel free to upload your project pictures to our website and share your Natural Paving creations.