Installation – Grass Grade

  1. Excavate to a suitable level for the soil type and load bearing requirement and form a bedding layer of compacted base course, 50-100mm for pedestrian use, for vehicles or on soft soil a base layer of 75-150mm compacted gap20or 40 or similar is suggested, cover with a permeable geotextile.
  2. Apply a root zone of 50-75mm of sandy soil mix, screed to level and tamper to allow good purchase of the grass roots.
  3. Place natural paving Grass Grade mats working from the outside in standing on the mats as you go and fill with the sandy soil mix. Mats can be cut to shape if required with a hand saw or a skill saw. Fill to approximately 10mm above the mat and tamper. Refill any depressions with more of the sandy soil mix.
  4. Apply grass seed and a thin layer of soil or pre grassed turf and maintain as suggested by the supplier.